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16 décembre, 2009

Les forces de l'ombre

Dans les premières décennies du XXe siècle, l'eugénisme est vu comme l'application triomphale de la science à des fins sociales. Certaines voix, très minoritaires, s'y opposent, tel le journaliste anglais G. K. Chesterton, qui a publié "Eugenics and other evils". Voici ce qu'en dit Wr. R. Inge en 1924:

" ... Professor Vallon mentions, without sympathy, the hysterical denunciations of Eugenics by Messrs. Belloc and Chesterton. We may wonder why these popular writers and journalists should wish to fill England with degererates. But they have a reason for their incoherent rage. They realize that Science, instead of confining itself to making bad smells in laboratories, is calmly preparing to lead a social and moral revolution, a revolution in which neither medieval casuistry nor Marxian class-war will count for anything at all. The great struggle of the future will be between Science and its enemies. I can see no reason why the Christian religion should be on the side of the powers of darkness."

Oui, la science, alors comme aujourd'hui, devait confronter les forces de l'ombre.